Choosing the right refrigerator that suits your kitchen requirements is tedious with the large number of models flowing in the market. It is due to the wide range of options provided by the companies to win the competition. Each one has its own merits and demerits. And, we are here to help you, with this hand-picked list of the best double door refrigerator in India that suits your expectations. Pick your favorite and more comfortable refrigerator which gets your heart. Let’s take a glance at the Best Double Door Refrigerator in India considering all the major factors including price, capacity, power rating, ease of usage, and more.

Top 10 Double Door Refrigerators

S.NoBest Double Door RefrigeratorsCapacityWarranty
on Product
Check Price
1LG 260 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator260 litres1 yearCheck Price
2Samsung 253L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator 253 litres1 yearCheck Price
3Whirlpool 265 L Frost Free Double Door 3-Star refrigerator265 litres1 yearCheck Price
4Haier 347 L Frost Free Double Door 2-Star refrigerator 347 litres1 yearCheck Price
5Bosch 288 L 3-Star Frost Free Double Door refrigerator288 litres1 yearCheck Price
6Godrej 311 L Double Door refrigerator311 litres1 yearCheck Price
7Samsung 275 L Frost Free Double Door 3-Star refrigerator275 litres1 yearCheck Price
8Whirlpool 245 L Frost Free Double Door 2-Star refrigerator245 litres1 yearCheck Price
9Haier 320 L Frost Free Double Door 3-Star refrigerator320 litres1 yearCheck Price
10Samsung 253 L Frost Free Double Door 2-Star refrigerator253 litres1 yearCheck Price

LG 260 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

This classy LG 260 L Frost Free Double Door refrigerator is loved by many as it offers many features. The capacity of 260-litres is perfect for a mid-size Indian family. It is an energy-efficient appliance and works on the inverter compressor which is positive. So, they help save a lot of power.

LG 260 L Frost Free Double Door 4 Star Refrigerator

This can even be powered by solar through its Solar Smart Refrigerator feature. The automatic temperature adapter adds extra credits to this appliance.

Energy Efficiency3 Star Rating
Capacity260 litres
Warranty 1 year
MaterialStainless Steel
Annual Energy Consumption 194 Kilowatt Hours


  • Using Eco-friendly refrigerants in this refrigerator is one of the best features of all. It helps to vanish your worries about power cut and connect your fridge to the inverter as it is compatible with the inverter.
  • The double-twist ice tray, inbuilt stabilizer, and compatibility are like adding extra cream to the cake.
  • This fridge helps to keep the food fresh and tasty with the help of Moist Balance Crisper. It maintains the optimum level of moisture.
  • The different ice beam door cooling factor ensures uniform cooling throughout the fridge. It also provides an LED lamp that gives uniform lighting.
Works on home inverter
Smart diagnosis
LG solar smart
Eco-friendly Refrigerator
Moist Balance Crisper
Stabilizer-free operation
Smart Inverter compressor
Freezer fails to have light
Design is quite unattractive

Samsung 253L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator 

Samsung gains the best reputation in manufacturing some of the best electric appliances in modern times. It is because high-quality refrigerators are being produced by this brand. Samsung 253L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator occupies the first position among all.

Best Double Door Refrigerator in India

This refrigerator gives an elegant look and suits the modern kitchen. If you are looking for a smart refrigerator, you may consider this. Take a look at the attractive features of this smart appliance.

Energy Efficiency3 Star Rating
Capacity253 litres
Warranty 1 year
Annual Energy Consumption 193 Kilowatt Hours
ColourElegant Inox


  • The inbuilt stabilizer mechanism helps to protect the fridge from extreme voltage fluctuations. The 3-Star ensures power saving.
  • It has advanced Digital Inverter Technology which plays its part in conserving the energy. The capacity of 253-litres perfectly suits the medium size family.
  • The toughened glass sleeves enable the fridge to withstand weighs up to 150 kg. It has the feature Auto Defrost.
Advanced Digital Inverter Technology
Door Alarm.
Movable ice maker.
All-around cooling.
Moist free zone.
Power cool & freeze.
Not a convertible fridge.
Not for big families.

Whirlpool 265 L Frost Free Double Door 3-Star refrigerator

Whirlpool is renowned for manufacturing good quality electrical appliances. You will get quality products when buying from this brand. And this refrigerator also adds to it. This 3-star refrigerator has a lot of advanced features.

Best Double Door Refrigerator in India

Whirlpool fridge pairs with the requirements of the middle-class families. Micro-block technology in this fridge prevents bacteria and germs formation.

Energy Efficiency3 Star Rating
Capacity265 litres
Warranty1 year
Annual Energy Consumption190 Kilowatt Hours


  • Whirlpool is famous for its 6th sense Deep Freeze Technology. It provides the highest degree of cooling with minimum power consumption.
  • It has separate compartments that help to store varieties of food ingredients. The spacious vegetable crisper can keep your vegetables and fruits fresh even up to 7 days.
  • Chilling gel and uniform cooling ensure no worries during power cuts. It has Flexi-vents with anti-bacterial filters and an anti-odor fresh flow air tower.
6th sense Deep Freeze Technology
Micro-block Anti-bacterial Protection
Fresh vegetable Crisper with Freshonizer
Bacteria free Flexible vents
Frost free & stabilizer free operations
Slightly noisy
Not using inverter compressor

Haier 347 L Frost Free Double Door 2-Star Refrigerator

Haier brand refrigerator has developed an innovative technology that can make ice cubes within 60 minutes. And this technology is named as 1-hour icing technology.

Best Double Door Refrigerator in India

The silver color’s aesthetic looks complete the fridge and grabs everyone’s eyes, The capacity of 347 Litres fits good enough for a aolarge Indian family. Let see the other notable features of this Haier refrigerator.

Energy Efficiency2 Star Rating
Capacity347 litres
Warranty1 year
Annual Energy Consumption275 Kilowatt Hours
ColourBlack Brushline


  • Voltage fluctuations are avoided by the inbuilt stabilizer. It enables the fridge to work safely.
  • The double door refrigerator has fans placed at strategic locations to ensure the uniform cooling.
  • 1-hour technology is one of the most notable features of all. Child Lock system in the fridge enables the safety of the children.
Good capacity
Auto Defrost
Reciprocatory compressor
Save nearly 35% of the power
1-hour icing technology
Issues in the wiring system
Quite noisy

Bosch 288 L 3-Star Frost Free Double Door refrigerator

A truly international brand that matches with the Indian environment. The unique German technology, Vita-fresh perfectly maintaining the freshness of the substances inside the fridge. The natural flavor of the food items is unaffected with this technology.

Best Double Door Refrigerator in India

The excellent cooling system enables your favorite ice creams to remain fresh even up to 12 to 14 hours after a power cut. The toughened glass shelves can withstand weighs up to 180 kg.

Energy Efficiency3 Star Rating
Capacity288 litres
Warranty1 year
Wattage160 Watts


  • It has five intelligent sensors at the surface of the fridge that can sense, adapt, and control the cooling of the fridge.
  • It is designed perfectly with the spacious shelves. The parts of the fridge are detachable and so it is easy to clean & stay hygienic at all times.
  • The capacity is about 288-litres and you have ample space to keep the food ingredients. You can save a lot of energy with the sensor-based Vario Compressor.
  • The LED lighting improves visibility and the food items cannot obstruct the light.
Excellent German quality
Amazing cooling system
High-grade compressor
10-year warranty
Works on home inverters too
Excess condensation

Godrej 311 L Double Door refrigerator

The brand Godrej is a combination of style, intelligence, efficiency, and best performance. And this classy and essential appliance is featured with an Intelligent mode, a Stay Cool Technology, and Cool Shower Technology. This double door fridge boasts an attractive design and energy-efficient operation.

Best Double Door Refrigerator in India

The air circulation is good which ensures uniform cooling. The stabilizer free operation and temperature control are important features. Follow the below exciting features of this Double Door refrigerator in India.

Energy Efficiency3 Star Rating (2019)
Capacity311 litres
Warranty1 year
Wattage300 Watts
ColourSilver Meadow


  • The capacity of 311-litres is compatible for an average family. The 3-star rating ensures less consumption of power.
  • This refrigerator has Active Deo technology which keeps the refrigerator environment fresh and odor-free.
  • The antibacterial Gasket helps to keep the food items free from germs & bacteria.
  • ZOP technology is a special zinc oxide protection which fights rust, so your fridge looks & functions efficiently.
Temper proof front door
Excellent cooling
Spacious interiors
Elegant look
Auto Defrost
Moist Balance Crisper
No handle, so gets dirt often.

Samsung 275 L Frost Free Double Door 3-Star refrigerator

This classy refrigerator is one of the best Double Door refrigerators in India. There is no need to invest in a separate stabilizer as this refrigerator comes equipped with an inbuilt voltage stabilizer.

Best Double Door Refrigerator in India

The Moisture fresh Zone is an innovative concept that helps to maintain the perfect humidity level. It is filled with innovative features and let us discuss some of them below.

Energy Efficiency3 Star Rating
Capacity275 litres
Warranty1 year
Annual Energy Consumption199 Kilowatt Hours


  • Digital Inverter technology enables you to save power consumption.
  • It offers separate compartments for dairy products that require additional cooling.
  • You can connect your fridge to the home inverter and reduce your worries about the power cut.
  • The twist ice tray helps you out with getting the perfect ice cubes without any spillage of water.
  • The presence of multiple air vents inside the fridge presents the uniform cooling.
Energy efficient refrigerator
Quick cooling.
Deodorizing filters.
Big bottle guards.
Looks elegant.
Works on home inverter.
Side walls are thinner.
Heat generation on the sides.

Whirlpool 245 L Frost Free Double Door 2-Star refrigerator

Whirlpool pride is its 6th sense Deep Freeze Technology. If you want that shade of wine in your kitchen, then this classy appliance is a good choice.

Best Double Door Refrigerator in India

It is featured with a unique factor, called the chilling gel effect. It is best enough for a solo or couple living.

Energy Efficiency2 Star Rating
Capacity245 litres
Warranty1 year
Annual Energy Consumption244 Kilowatt Hours


  • The Deep Freeze Technology ensures the freezer temperature remains at its coolest.
  • It keeps the freezer cold during power cuts with the help of Chilling Gel.
  • The multiple vents and anti-bacterial filters help the food items stay fresh.
  • The Dairy Fresh Chiller helps in maintaining the perfect temperature to keep the dairy items fresh for a longer time.
  • It has a good toughened glass shelves and vegetable crisper.
Innovative technologies
Anti-bacterial & anti-fungal filters
Excellent cooling
6th sense Deep Freeze Technology
Twister Ice tray
Good vegetable Crisper
No inbuilt stabilizer.
Not an energy efficient fridge.

Haier 320 L Frost Free Double Door 3-Star refrigerator

Haier introduces a new look to the modern Double Door refrigerator in India. You will find the freezer at the bottom, as it is used less by people in comparison to the refrigerator segment.

Best Double Door Refrigerator in India

The significant change in the position of the freezer is one of the notable features. If you are looking for a Double Door refrigerator in your budget, then this will make a good choice. The best features of this Double Door refrigerator in India are mentioned below.

Energy Efficiency2 Star Rating
Capacity320 litres
Warranty1 year
Annual Energy Consumption265 Kilowatt Hours
ColourMoon Silver


  • The aesthetic and innovative design of the fridge makes it unique.
  • It offers you with a separate fruit box along with a vegetable crisper.
  • The revolutionary concept of the Cool-pad maintains the chillness for 10 hours after the power cut.
  • It has the feature of 1-hour icing technology that makes ice cubes within 60 minutes.
Innovative design
Makes ice quickly
Reciprocatory compressor
Adjustable feet
Door lock & LED lighting
Twist ice tray
Power savings of up to 35%
Has noise factor.
Discomfort of Bottom freezer

Samsung 253 L Frost Free Double Door 2-Star refrigerator

The reputed Samsung brand offers an elegant look refrigerator with a digital display on its door. Every minute thing like LED lights, door alarm, recess handle, big bottle guards, and easy slide shelves are designed perfectly in this refrigerator.

Samsung Fridge

The digital display is one of the best sleek features of this appliance. The temperature can be changed with a simple touch. There are also some of the attractive features which are listed below.

Energy Efficiency2 Star Rating
Capacity253 litres
Warranty1 year
Annual Energy Consumption242 Kilowatt Hours
ColourPebble Blue


  • The Digital inverter technology lets the compressor adjust its cooling according to the fridge load and saves power.
  • It enables you to connect the fridge to your home inverter and ensures the functioning during the power cut.
  • The Inbuilt stabilizer protects your fridge from the extreme voltage fluctuations.
  • The multiple vents placed inside the fridge enables the uniform cooling.
  • A unique sealing is arranged for the vegetable drawer that helps to keep the food items fresh for a longer time.
Looks attractive & sleek
Inbuilt stabilizer
Compatible with home inverter
Beautiful recessed handle
Digital inverter technology
Not for a large family
Only 2-star rating

Buying Guide

You must look at some of the guidelines to get an excellent refrigerator that suits your modern kitchen.


You need to pick a refrigerator that suits your family size. The capacity of below 250 litres will match the middle family and a capacity of above 250 litres fits the large size family with 5 to 6 members.


If a Double Door refrigerator comes inbuilt with the stabilizer will provide a long life for the product. Because it stabilizes the electricity which passes to the fridge. Hence, select a fridge with an inbuilt stabilizer.


  • Colour – Mostly, choose a fridge with dark colors. Because it won’t get dirty easily.
  • Design – Pick a refrigerator that looks cool and elegant. So, that it will fit your modern kitchen.
  • Material – The stainless steel or metallic material of the fridge will better to choose when comparing to others.

Advanced Features

The refrigerator that you are selecting must fill the advanced features like Inverter connection, Micro-block technology, innovative designs and many more.


Which refrigerator is best in Double Door?

Most of the Best Double Door Refrigerator in India are demonstrated in the above article. You can pick the best according to your taste and convenience.

Is double door fridge good?

Best Double Door Refrigerator are good enough for the people or families with large members. It comes with the high capacity and with double compartments.

Which is better single or double door fridge?

Both the single or double door fridges are unique in their own ways. The single will be perfect for mid-sized family and vice versa.

What is difference between 2 star and 5 star refrigerator?

The star rating defines the energy-efficient of the refrigerator. The 2 star is less energy-efficient and 5 start is more energy efficient.

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