If you are the person looking for the best AC to purchase, you must keep reading this page and get to know what we think is best for you. Voltas manufactures the best Air conditioners in the market, fulfilling utmost customer needs. Established in 1954, and currently running with more than 14000+ outlets proves the market value of Voltas. The main reason for Voltas being one of the best AC brands is because of its durability. The following post gives you the detailed Voltas AC review based on its specifications and features.

Voltas AC Review

Voltas is one of the best AC manufacturers available. The below segment is divided into three parts:

  1. Why should you buy Voltas?
  2. Best Voltas AC Model Review
  3. Things to consider while purchasing Voltas AC

Why should you buy Voltas?

Voltas manufactures AC for both residential and commercial purposes. The products at affordable prices attract budget buyers. It provides window AC and split AC for residential purposes while Cassette and Slimline AC for commercial purposes. Almost all Voltas AC designs share the following specification.

  1. Dehumidification mode
  2. Turbo cooling mode
  3. Catechin filters with Nanosilver technology
  4. Copper condenser
  5. Rotary Compressors
  6. Hydrophilic fins
  7. Silent operating system
  8. R-410 Refrigerant
  9. Comfortable Sleep Modes

Dehumidification mode

During Summer, Conventional air conditioners sometimes fail to control humidity due to prolonged usage. These conventional AC lacks energy efficiency and subtly disappoint the residents. Voltas considered water leakage as the most frequent complaint received from customers. Voltas has considered this issue and rectified it in their newly launched models. Dehumidification mode absorbs dampness during winters and rainy season, leading us to experience a comfortable living space.

Turbo cooling mode

Voltas AC features a cool turbo technology that will instantly cool your living area without a wait. The old air conditioners tend to consume a lot of time to start flowing the cool air, which may annoy us. Voltas with a cross-flow vent feature helps air to enter the vent from the condenser and distribute the cool air evenly throughout the place.

Catechin filters with Nanosilver technology

Voltas split end Acs are designed to filter hazardous particles like disease-causing microorganisms and alleviate bad odors. Nanosilver technology proceeds to release silver ions to sterilize microbes in the air and also inhibits the growth of microbes. We can remove, clean, and fit back the filters easily. They are durable for up to 10 years.

Copper condenser

Voltas designs 100% copper condensers to perform the operation efficiently. When comparing to the aluminum condenser, the Copper condenser projects higher efficiency in cooling. It is durable, easy to maintain, and has a high speed of exchange to allow the air to cool faster.

Rotary Compressors

Residential air conditioner usually has two types of compressors: rotary and reciprocating compressors. Voltas carry rotary compressors which are comparatively good for projecting uniform high speed using centrifugal action. Rotary compressors also reduce the noise while conditioning the air. Though they are costly, they are widely used in business premises and industries.

Hydrophilic fins

Voltas exclusively developed this system to reduce the risk of corrosion. It rapidly removes the indoor unit, aids in avoiding the risk of stagnating molds and microbes.

Silent operating system

Voltas ACs are commendable for their silent operating system. Most customers prefer Voltas because they do not want any noise to interrupt their living or working area. They maintain 18 decibels, and this actually lessens power consumption.

R-410 Refrigerant

Luxury series of Voltas contain eco-friendly refrigerant R-410, which do not contribute to Ozone depletion. This compression can absorb and release more heat than conventional refrigerants. This does not mean it is hazardous. This mechanism will help to diminish compressor burnouts due to prolonged usage. The refrigerant consumes synthetic oil instead of mineral oil because synthetic oil is more soluble, and it again emits lesser heat, keeping the compressor safe.

Comfortable sleep modes

One of the best features available in Voltas AC is the sleep modes. Voltas provides four sleep modes, in which users can choose any that meets their preference. In Sound sleep mode, the AC adjusts the temperature according to your body temperature, which actually sounds great for your health. In the Good sleep mode, the temperature will slightly rise from the set temperature. This will retain coziness for you while sleeping. You can preset to increase or decrease the temperature. In DIY mode, you can set the temperature on your own. In siesta mode, the temperature regulates itself according to the outside temperature, makes your afternoon nap more comfortable.

Best Voltas AC Model Review

Given the key factors above, the latest Voltas air-conditioners meet all the considerations. When it comes to market share, Voltas proves its significance as the leading network with numerous retail network. Voltas provides all types of AC from split to windows, from the inverter to non-inverter at various prices.

Here are some of the Best Voltas AC models along with their features:

Voltas 185V JZJ 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

As mentioned in the things to consider while purchasing an AC, this model satisfies all the key features. Co2 reduction, sleep mode, wide voltage range operation, and multiple-stage filtration are attractive features. It is an inverter AC, suitable for medium sizes rooms. Annual energy consumption is about 892.32 units. The refrigerant used in the model is R32.

Voltas AC Review

Voltas 103 DZX 0.8 Ton 3 Star Split AC

This model is perfect for small-sized rooms. The annual energy consumption rate is around 630 units. It has a dehumidifier, an anti-bacterial filter, and refrigerant gas R22. The key feature of this model is its high ambient cooling. The condenser of this model is made of 100% copper. It can self-diagnose, auto restart, and contains the Glow buttons option.

Voltas AC Review

Voltas 153V JZJ 1.2 Ton Inverter Split AC

This model’s main specification is its four staged filtration, dual display, sleep mode, and self-diagnosis option. Silent operation is a considerable feature here and has a 100% copper condenser, active humidifier, and compatible sleep modes. The rated cooling capacity is 4000.

Voltas AC Review

Voltas WAC 183 GZP 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC

This model comes with sharp energy efficiency, serves the best in instant cooling. The two-stage filtration ensures the conversion of pure air. It also has an active sleep mode, self-diagnosis option, glow light mode, and turbo mode for the user’s convenience.

Voltas AC Review

Voltas 103 DZS 0.8 Ton 3 Star Window AC

One of the very economical and simple to install models comes with a copper condenser coil and refrigerant gas R22. The annual energy consumption rate is about 691.28 units. The model is widely preferred for its low maintenance requirement. It also has an anti-bacterial filter, dehumidifier, and dust filter.

Voltas AC Review

Voltas 123V DZU 3S 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC

This is an eco-friendly air-conditioner that comes with R410A refrigerant. It does emit a minimal amount of Cfc, thus not supporting Ozone depletion. Annual energy consumption is about 723 units. It has the highest ambient cooling system, which can instantly cool the 52-degree temperature. Stabilizer free operation is also one of the interesting features of this AC.

Voltas AC Review
Voltas AC Review

Voltas 242 DZC 2 Ton 2 Star Window AC

It is a window AC with the best energy-efficient air cooling system. It is a widely purchased air-conditioning machine in recent times for its durability. The model also comes with auto-sleep mode ensuring the best comfortable sleep.

Voltas window ac

Things to consider while purchasing Voltas AC

You now know the special features exclusively available in Voltas AC, but you may not sure about what model you can go for. Here is the extensive discussion on things to consider before investing your money in the air conditioner.

  1. Size
  2. Energy Efficiency
  3. Cost Installation and Maintenance
  4. Noise and Cooling speeds


One must look for an air-conditioner that is suitable for their living space. If the AC is purchased for residential purposes, Split AC will be more convenient since it can fit in limited space. In India, the British Thermal Unit specification evaluates and ranks the air-conditioners. Air conditioners usually range between 9000 and 30000 BTU. However, You can choose the capacity according to your space and need. For instance, a medium-sized room of about 110-160 sq. ft. will approximately need 18000 BTU or 1.5 ton- AC CAPACITY.

Energy efficiency

Electricity bill is certainly a concern during the summer to consider while purchasing AC. The main common factor is to consider whether the product maintains energy efficiency. Look for energy efficiency rating compulsorily because that will safeguard your pocket in the future.

Cost installation and maintenance

More than choosing the type of AC to purchase, installing, and maintaining this machine is the hardcore factor. Servicing the AC unit once in three months ensures the durability of the product.

Noise and Cooling speeds

Any AC which remits noise below 60 DB is considered to be perfect for purchase. Make sure you are choosing the ac with the thermostat option, which sets the temperature of your preference.

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The review is written based on the specifications and features provided in Voltas AC. Voltas is indeed providing its finest deals to attract consumers. The buyers can also get a full-fledged demonstration when purchasing the product. Comment your review about voltas AC in the below section.

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