The air conditioner removes heat from the room. It pushes or pumps heat inside the room to outside. The Air conditioner removes the humidity and filters the air of dust and allergens. Allergens like pollens make a living in the room comfortable. There are so many Air conditioners that are available from different brands. Among various products available in the market, Bluestar is one of the best Air Conditioners. Read on this article to know the Blue Star Air Conditioner review and the best products to buy.

Blue Star Air Conditioner review

Why should you buy Blue Star?

You can fight the heat and stay fresh in the summer with this wonderful Blue star Air conditioner in your home. It offers a comfortable cooling experience. You know what? The powerful and durable Blue Star makes summer comfortable with its reliable, quick, and efficient cooling. This also ensures that we get to enjoy working, reading, cooking, and more in a cool and pleasant environment. It ensures everything is possible and happens even during the summers. Overall it is an amazing product.

Blue Star Air Conditioner Review

Below are three different Air Conditioners from Blue Star. Each one varies depending on the model but comes with excellent customer reviews. Choose the one that suits you.

Blue Star 1.2 Ton 3 Star Split Inverter Air Conditioner Review

Blue Star 1.2 ton air conditioner

This product from Blue Star uses the iFeel technology, which ensures quick cooling even when the temperature outside is high. The inbuilt sensor in the remote enables us to maintain a comfortable temperature around ourselves. It also has a hidden light-up display that makes it convenient to use and adds elegance to the home. The beautiful thing is it displays an error code if there is any faulty during operation. It enables to quickly diagnose the problem and take necessary steps to protect from damages. This also comes with an anti-corrosive gold coating which resists corrosion effectively. The coating enhances durability and extends the lifespan of the AC.

Blue Star 1.5 Ton 3 Star Slit Air Conditioner Review

Blue Star 1.5 ton AC

This product from Blue Star has copper coils and tubes for durable and efficient performance. It also has a brushless DC motor which is high for high rotational speeds. The self-clean technology ensures that we get fresh and clean air in the room. This is one of the efficient and durable air conditioners that features a copper-made condenser coil, evaporator coil, and connecting tubes. The motor of the AC functions on an electronic commutation arrangement which improves the reliable performance. It reduces the noise while operating at a high rotational speed. To ensure that we sleep peacefully without disturbance, it has a fuzzy logic feature.

Blue Star 0.8 Ton 3 Star Split Inverter Air Conditioner Review

Blue Star 0.8 ton Air Conditioner

This product from Blue Star features turbo cool which helps to give effective cooling even the weather is so hot. It has a hidden light-up display that adds an aesthetic touch to the appliance and room. The self-clean technology ensures that there is no dust, mold, or moisture inside the indoor unit. If the AC turns off, the appliance operates for a few more minutes to dry off and clean the coil in the indoor unit. So that you can enjoy clean and fresh cooling when you switch on the appliance. This product from Blue Star also ensures to enjoy uninterrupted sleep all through the night without any discomfort.

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Things to consider while buying Air Conditioner

Following are the things to consider while buying an Air Conditioner for your home.

Cooling efficiency

You need to consider the cooling speed and efficiency also while buying an Air Conditioner. The thermostat is the one that measures the room temperature and gives a signal to the condenser. It will also take only less time to get 16 degrees.


The brand is definitely one important factor to consider while buying an Air conditioner. So buy an air conditioner from a highly credible brand that is safe.


The expected working life and capacity are decided by the condenser and coils that are in it. Aluminum condensers are cheaper than copper condensers. The aluminum condensers one will have a short life expectancy. So always it is best to go with copper condensers.

Dehumidification unit

This is also another important factor to consider while buying an Air conditioner. The air conditioners with good humidification units increase the overall efficiency. It also reduces future service costs.

The above is the Blue Star Air conditioner review and the best products to buy. This mind-blowing product provides fast and effective cooling in a matter of minutes. If you are already a Blue Star Air Conditioner user, post your comment below.

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