Summer is about to start, and most of us have already started feeling so hot to stay at home in the afternoon. We can be at ease as the Air cooler make us stay through the summer months with cooling. Air Coolers are the best cooling solutions by all standards. Among various brands available in this market, Crompton air cooler is one of the best Air coolers. Read this article to know Crompton Air Cooler Review and the best products to buy.

Crompton Air Cooler

Why should you buy Crompton?

Crompton would be an excellent choice as it is the best air cooler in India. This cooler comes with different tank capacities, which vary in price. The most important feature about the cooler is that you can clean it with a drain pump. These coolers are compatible with the inverters that are energy efficient. You can also adjust the airspeed as per your needs. The amazing feature is the air throw at a wider angle which is large and easy to clean the ice chamber. This also comes at an unbelievable price which is most affordable.

Crompton Air Cooler Review

Below are the three best products from Crompton and their review:

Crompton 75L Desert Air Cooler Review

Crompton 75L Desert Air Cooler

You can enjoy the hot summer with this Air Cooler from Crompton. You know what, the wood wool cooling pad cools the air passing through it without any water retention. It also gives utmost cooling and water retention with air delivery of 4200 m3 per hour. Importantly the ice chamber stores ice and makes the breeze even cooler. It also comes separately for a more intense cooling experience. As it has 75 liters capacity, you don’t have to fill the tank many times. The motorized louvers of this cooler boast a 4-way air deflection. It will also run on an inverter to fill your summer days with a cool breeze, even with power outages. Moreover, the rusting and retaining watermarks won’t occur due to the cooler’s fiber body.

Crompton 54 L Window Air Cooler Review

Crompton Window Air Cooler

Crompton 54 L Window Air Cooler has a large tank capacity that helps you stay cool for longer. It ensures an air density rate of 1700 m3/hr, so your room will stay cool anytime. The air cooler front has a bold and neutral design. This design surely enhances your room decor and ensures uninterrupted cooling performance. You can enjoy the cooling as it delivers for an area up to 200 square feet. Even if there is a power cut, the Cooler provides uninterrupted cooling powered by an inverter. This features a durable fiber body that is completely rust-free. It is very easy to clean as well as to wipe using a cloth. It has very smooth exteriors, which make the cleaning very easy.

Crompton 27 L Tower Air Cooler Review

Crompton Tower Air Cooler

You can stay cool, fresh, and motivated all summer long with this Tower Air Cooler. This comes with an ice chamber that enhances the cooling experience so you can stay unaffected by the scorching heat outside your home. This not only boosts the cooling performance but also helps for easy cleaning of the cooler. It comes with an Everlast pump that performs effectively even with a high TDS level. This prevents jamming of the motor in hard water and works well for a long time. It also comes with high-density honeycomb pads to give lasting cooling. Thanks to the mosquito net! The mosquito net provided prevents mosquitoes and dust from entering the appliance. The water drain outlet ensures easy draining and easy cleaning as well.

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Things to consider while buying a Air Cooler

Following are the factors to consider while buying an Air Cooler.


This is one of the most important factors to consider while choosing the Air Cooler. Make sure to estimate the size that will be ideal for your space.

Cooling pads

Cooling pads are one of the most important factors to consider. Look for the thickness of the pads and the material using which the pads are made up. The pads should be at least 9mm thick to offer the right amount of cooling.

Water level Indicator

We need to maintain the water level at a certain point to keep the machine work properly. So make sure that the Air Cooler you buy comes with a proper Water level Indicator to indicate the water level decreases.


This enhances the portability of the units. You can easily move units from one part to another with these Castors.


A timer would be really helpful to give you a wonderful experience. There is a high chance that you may fall asleep while enjoying the cool atmosphere. With the timer feature, you can set the machine to shut down any time you wish.

The above is the Crompton Air Cooler review and the best products to buy. Crompton is one of the best manufactures of Air Cooler, and you can go ahead and buy its products. If you are a Crompton Air Cooler user, then post your review and comments in the below section.

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