India’s tropical climate urges every Indian household to purchase the best ceiling fans to beat the heat. Crompton greaves, one of the leading consumer companies in India with 75 plus years old brand trademark. The company focuses on two business segments, that is Lighting and electrical consumer durables. The Products are marketed under the name Crompton, and the most selling product is their ceiling fan. Crompton not only focuses on product efficiency but also infuses the finest aesthetic sense. If you are the person who is looking for an ideal Crompton fan review and want to know more about the Crompton ceiling fan’s technology and key features, keep reading the review.

Crompton designs their Fans in six different models for different purposes. They are Ceiling fans, pedestal fans, Table fans, wall-mounted fans, Exhaust fans, and kitchen fans. However, this post reviews the widely purchased fan type, that is Crompton’s ceiling fan. Crompton provides premium ceiling fans that provide an all-new cooling experience. Before purchasing a ceiling fan one should look for its sweep, power input, and air delivery. This post provides you the Crompton ceiling fan review by stating notable key features found in various models of Crompton ceiling fans.

Why Should We buy Crompton?

The highly functional yet stylish Crompton fans instantly provide a cool breeze even around the corner of the room in a matter of minutes. Crompton gives its customers a wide range of options while selecting the fan. A simple home appliance with the posh ornamental feature is always a Yes for customers who prefer an aesthetic look. Crompton’s collection of ceiling fans ranges from basic to advanced posh-looking fans, but they never compromise with the efficiency of the fan. Collections start from Basic fans to Silent fans, Underlight fans, Electroplated Finish fans, Designer fans, Duratech fans, Anti-dust fans, Air 360 Fans, and Energy-efficient and low Voltage fans. Having smooth electro-plated leaf, a wide variety of shades, and gorgeous underplates, Crompton has tried its best to infuse possible innovations.

Crompton Fan Review based in Models

As mentioned earlier, there are different variations available under the ceiling fan category:

  1. Basic Fans
  2. Silent Fans
  3. Underlight Fans
  4. Electroplated finish fans
  5. Designer Fans
  6. Duratech Fans
  7. Antidust Fans
  8. Air 360 Fans
  9. Energy-efficient and low voltage fans

Basic Fans

Crompton fan review
Crompton fan review

Basic fans from Crompton are widely purchased for their best features and budget price. They are built with copper windings for excellent electrical conductivity. With sleek minimalistic designs, they are made with an aluminum body that prevents corrosion and dust, leading to a reduction in replacement and cleaning costs. It also shows superior performance specifications with a base of 380 RPM. The price range of these fans is also quite affordable. The price range of these fans ranges between Rs. 1700 and Rs. 2500.

Silent fans

Crompton fan review
Crompton fan review

Silent fans are gaining popularity in our country because, in the fast-paced world, everybody needs a decent amount of quiet time to replenish themselves. A convention ceiling fan emits noise of about 70 decibels. In Silent fans, the noise is nearly two times lesser, emits about 50-55 decibels. The sweep of this silent fan refers to its wingspan while in motion. Its sleep length is well enough to cover the entire volume of standard rooms. The Speed rotation for these fans is around 300 to 350 RPM for the best airflow with a delivery rate of 200 to 240 CMM. You can prefer your favorite sleeky designed Silent fans since they are all designed in stylish patterns. It consumes about 40 watts which is comparatively 50% lesser than the other fans. The cost of these silent fans ranges from Rs7000 and Rs13000.

Underlight fans

Crompton fan review
Crompton fan review

Ceiling fans with an underlight lifts your house decor to a whole different level. These underlight fans come with separate cords for the fans and the light for your convenience. Electro-phoretic lacquered surface with anti-rusting properties ensures that the fan lasts longer. You have the option of customizing the color of the underlight accordingly. With 100% copper motor and Four blades providing superior air, delivery is the best of all. The power input of the fan ranges from 70 to 85 watts. The Price range of these fans is surprisingly affordable. The price value of this type of fan ranges between Rs7000 and Rs 9000.

Electroplated finish fans

Crompton fan review
Crompton fan review

Electroplated fans help beat the heat and project a sturdy appearance that ensures corrosion resistance. The electroplated fan’s blades are aerodynamically designed and have a good blade angle, speed, sweep, and angle combine to provide maximum thrust and cool air with a total sweep of about 240 cm. 100% copper motor promotes electrical conductivity increases the efficiency of the fan. Energy input is about 70 watts and 350 RPM speed. These fans meet every possible technical parameter alongside futuristic designs. These fans cost between Rs 4000 and Rs 5800.

Designer Fans

Designer fans

Crompton’s designer fans come with exciting features such as Wider leaf blades, anti-corrosive properties, sturdy body, and silent performance. Alongside posh designs, the durability and the silent working of the fan are considerable features. The Sweep size of the fan is about 1200 cm. The power consumption is about 60 to 80 watts. The high-grade EMQ bearing ensures smooth and silent performance with the additional benefit of lower friction and vibration. The pricing ranges from Rs 2500 and Rs 5000.

Duratech fans

duratech fans - Crompton fan review
Crompton fan review

Anti-dust technology is the most important feature of Duratech fans. They are designed in a way that they absorb 50 percent less dust. It bears the highest grade EQM motors, results in the fans being one of the most silent fans on the market. The motor also allows for its 380 RPM top fan speed to perform without heating up. The body is also built with High Standard Cold-Rolled Non-Grain-Oriented Steel (CRNGO). This type of steel is harmonious with duratech fans, also ensures the life span and stress tolerance. Most fans on the Market are three-piece builds, whereas the Duratech series of fans is a two-piece build. This makes the fan sleeky-looking, lighter, and less noisy. The double copper coating in its motor windings makes the fan abrasion-resistant at times of sudden increase in temperature and electrical overloads. The pricing of these fans ranges from Rs 4000 and Rs 5000.

Antidust fans

Antidust fans - Crompton fan review
Crompton fan review

Crompton’s anti-dust ceiling fans come with anti-dust technology. The fans are coated with a clear coat after color coating with hydrophobic and oleophobic (water repellant and oil repellant) clear coat. They reduce the water friction and dust particles striking the surface of the fan. It is extremely affordable but with fantastic features such as high speed, higher air delivery, durable body, wide voltage bond, and silent performance. The fan operates at high speed of about 370-380 RPM with a 100% heavy-duty motor. It comes with E-sense technology, which happens to be India’s first ceiling fan with smart sensors. Energy savings are up to 50%, with a high power factor of 0.98. That is why these fans are performed with ActivBLDC technology. The unique 2 piece construction and EMQ motor is the best advantage of buying these fans. The fans are available at prices between Rs 2500 and Rs 9000.

Air 360 fans

Crompton fan review
Crompton fan review

The Air 360 fans are one of the few multi-purpose fans available in the market. Crompton manufactures fans to provide air to a greater extent. These Air 360 fans are more effective by ventilating and cooling the large living rooms to the fullest. The Gliding technology in the Air 360 fans provides up to 50 percent more coverage than a regular fan. Aerodynamically designed blades and complimentary body design help produce the least amount of resistance for the fan while rotating. The fan has a sweep of 1260 mm, power consumption of about 82 Watts and an RPM of about 330. The price of these Air 360 fans ranges from Rs 2000 and Rs 2600.

Energy-efficient and low voltage fans

Crompton fan review
Crompton fan review

Crompton’s energy-efficient and low voltage fan come with efficient features like BLDC motor, high speed, smart functions, extensive air delivery, and wide working voltage. Ceiling fans like Energion possess a 35W BLDC motor that consumes 50% less energy. It also has a high power factor of about 0.98, which leads to negligible losses. 100% Copper winding also makes it energy efficient and consumes less electricity. the voltage ranges between 90 and 300 volts. Better cooling is possible when the RPM ranges between 370 and 380. The cost of these fans ranges between Rs 2000 and Rs 5000.

The above Crompton fan review is a detailed discussion of 9 models of Crompton’s ceiling fan. The price range mentioned in the review may change in Amazon since you can enjoy the benefit of various discounts. Apart from the ceiling fans, Crompton manufactures different models of fans that meet varietal purposes. Being one of the best sellers in the Indian Home appliance Market, Crompton never fails to attract its customers by providing good deals along with aesthetic innovation.

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