A chimney is an essential kitchen appliance for all our homes. It removes all oil and smoke from your kitchen and keeps your kitchen smoke-free and oil-free. Isn’t this cool? Among various brands of Chimneys available in the market, Elica is one of the best brands. Elica Chimney comes with an elegant design and matte finish to add a look to your kitchen. Read the article to know about the Elica Chimney Review and the best products to buy.

Elica Chimney Review

Why should you buy Elica Chimney?

Elica extends novel designs that are Uber stylish and highly aesthetic. These Chimneys from Elica are best suitable for looking for an elegantly designed, energy-efficient, and noiseless Chimney. You don’t have to worry about the cleaning as the Elica Chimney appliance has auto-cleaning functions. Equip the kitchen with the Elica Chimney and prepare your delicious dishes without worrying about becoming dirty.

Best Elica Chimney Review

Below are two best Elica Chimneys that you might be interested in:

Elica Auto Clean Wall Mounted Chimney Review

Elica Auto Clean Wall Mounted Chimney
Elica Chimney Review

This product doesn’t have filters and comes with an efficient, high-quality blowing system to keep the kitchen free of smoke and odor. It also boasts a movement sensor to control the chimney. The motor field in the Chimney is durable and also optimally functional. It also comes with a high-quality blower system made of metal which removes odor and smoke efficiently. This is less noisy to keep it fresh and clean. It also comes with a motion sensor that can be easily controlled. The durable Chimney of Elica has an elegant design, matte finish, and premium features to make it compatible with the interior of your kitchen. This also comes with a stainless, rust-free, and easy-to-clean oil collector to collect oil.

Elica Strip Nero Wall Mounted Chimney

Elica Strip Nera Wall Mounted Chimney
Elica Chimney Review

You can make your kitchen environment conducive to your cooking requirements with this Wall mounted Chimney. It is ergonomically designed with a push control button panel and also LED panel for the cooking requirements. This Chimney comes with a pyramid shape which adds beauty as well as aesthetics to your kitchen. With the LED lamps that are available, you can brighten your cooking space while preparing delicious dishes. This Chimney also comes with a suction capacity as you don’t have to worry about the smoke or dust engulfing your kitchen. The layered metal filter ensures efficient purification, which makes your kitchen clean and conducive to cooking.

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Things to consider while buying a Chimney

Following are the factors to consider while buying a Chimney.

Chimney filter type

It is very important to consider the Chimney filter type depending on the structure, material, and filtering process. Make sure to choose the best filter type for your Chimney.

Chimney Size

The Chimney size should be greater than a stove or hob size. Make sure to choose the chimney size while buying a Chimney.

Mounting style

The wall-mounted chimney is fitted on the wall and is ideal for kitchens where the cooking stove is against the wall. A built-in Chimney is compact and fixed on the wall integrated within the woodwork.


Make sure to buy a Chimney that offers a free installation and prompt after-sales service. Chimneys require regular servicing for optimum performance.

Elica gives us stylish chimneys with innovative technologies. If you are planning to buy Chimney, then you can choose the Elica Chimney as it makes your kitchen more beautiful and, at the same time, keeps your kitchen clean from oil dirt. If you are using Elica Chimney, then post the review in the below section.

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