You can’t escape from dirty laundry. And nobody wants to stress themselves more washing clothes by hand. But a reliable washing machine that gently washes clothes will definitely ease your load and simplify the household chore. Washing machines are obviously a long-term investment for every home. Washing machines help get rid of dirt from clothes and help in wringing out moisture as they can be line dried quickly. Among various brands, Godrej is a superior machine that will take the effort out of washing clothes. It will also brighten your day with its host of intelligent features. Read this article to know the Godrej Washing machine review and the best products to buy.

Why Should You Buy a Godrej washing machine?

If you are looking for a Washing machine that will clean clothes thoroughly and make your washing very easy, Godrej should be your choice. Godrej is India’s top manufacturing company and known for high-quality home appliances. These machines are known for their reliability, pocket-friendliness, energy efficiency. The washing machines get rid of tough stains, and Godrej provides quality materials that last long. Godrej offers two types of washing machines, which are Fully Automatic and Semi-Automatic machines. And the Full Automatic again has two models: Top load and Front load. Following are the review for the Godrej Washing machine and the best products to buy.

Godrej 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing machine

Godrej Top load Washing machine
Godrej Washing Machine Review

If you are looking for a basic top loader, you need to consider this product from Godrej, which comes at a budget-friendly price tag. This washing machine comes with a 6.5kg capacity and has 4 wash programs set in 4 different levels. The machine does a neat job as in every washing program, and clothes get soaked for some time to dislodge stain and dirt. The wash quality is so decent, and the program takes an average of 40-60 minutes. Energy consumption is very low as it doesn’t have any heaters. The pulsator is made of stainless steel. And the 6 ridged pulsator and drums helps to dislodge dirt without causing damage to clothes.

Godrej 7 kg Fully Automatic Front-load Washing machine

Godrej Front load Washing machine
Godrej Washing Machine Review

To review, the 7 kg fully automatic machine from Godrej is a premium class washing machine that will handle your washing with convenience. It comes with unique features like fuzzy logic, three wash levels, and 15 wash programs to give you clean clothes. This product from Godrej comes with plenty of smart features with economical pricing. It does have features like Allergy protect which protects your clothes against 7 common allergens. It also comes with a 3 level stain selector, which scrubs and removes even the stubborn stains. This also has some advanced features like night wash operation with less noise> When you press the settings it will lower the noise of the washing machine. The overflow protection system detects when you have loaded clothes and calculates the amount of water required based on the clothes’ weight. And more importantly, the large size drum allows you to wash a lot of clothes in one wash.

Godrej 6.5 kg Top Load Semi Automatic Washing machine

Godrej Semi Automatic Washing machine
Godrej Washing Machine Review

The 6.5 kg semi-automatic washing machine comes with the company’s new hurricane dry spin. This feature includes some unique vents placed in the spin lid to extract the air outside into the spin tub. When the washing machine is spinning, it will make it very fast for clothes to dry quickly. Another feature is that the air extracted from outside circulating inside tub prevents clothes from having bad odor or developing mold. This machine uses unique pulsator technology to clean and scrub clothes until they are very clean. The machine durable and designed to last long. It has a long-lasting motor whose power is up to 350 watts and will perform really well. The water level inductor helps conserve water by indicating when you have filled the required amount of water needed for clothes. Henceforth, this will be an awesome machine for your house.

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Things to consider while buying Washing Machine

If you are looking to buy a washing machine, it is important to know your needs and the kind of machines that you want to buy. Following are the things that you need to consider while buying a washing machine.


It is the first and foremost thing that you have to look for. In most families, the family number is between 2 to 5. A general thumb rule says that 5-6 kg of the machine is good for a family of 1-4 people and for a family of 4-8 people 6-8 kg capacity of the machine works well.

Spin cycle

The spin cycle is a very important factor to consider. Depending on the fabric and the type of clothes you want to wash you can choose the spin cycle.

Drum size

The size of the interior drum indicates the capacity of the washer. So always look for a drum size according to your preferences. For a larger family always go with a full-size or oversize top or front load.


You also need to see how efficient the machine comes with to save power and water. Efficiency is a very important factor to consider while buying a Washing machine.

Godrej is one of the excellent manufactures of washing machines. You can get high-performing washing machines for the best price. If you are looking for budget washing machines, then Godrej is the best choice. If you are a Godrej Washing Machine user, then comment your review in the below section.

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