Juicing is a good way to use the fruits and vegetables fresh otherwise, that may go bad before we use it. It is only growing in popularity, and the people already making their own juice love it. Having fresh juice is a delicious luxury nowadays, along with being a healthy habit. You can also add green juice, berries, and several other fresh fruits and vegetable juice to lose weight and stay fresh. Among various juicers available in the market, Hurom is one of the best products. Read on this article to know the Hurom Juicer review and the best products to buy.

Hurom Juicer review

Why should you buy Hurom?

Hurom is all about the enhanced convenience without any compromise on quality and functionality. You can supplement an active lifestyle with this wonderful Juicer that understands needs. It features a simplified juicing mechanism, and all-new strainers are very easy to wash than before. The strainers from Hurom are crafted from Premium Ultem plastic based on extensive user feedback. You can enjoy a healthy glass of juice in one go. With this mind-blowing Juicer, you can also enjoy the wonderful flavors and good health at the same time.

Hurom Juicer Review

Below are the three best juicers from Hurom that might suit you. Take a look at these reviews and choose the one you like.

Hurom Cold Press Slow Juicer Review

Hurom Cold Press juicer review

This product from Hurom operates at the benchmark-setting speed of 43 rpm, enhancing the juicer extraction capability. The slow squeeze system helps lock in all the beneficial enzymes and nutrients and delivers a smoothly fined product. It also features a 150 watt AC motor that operates in a voltage of 220- 240 volts. It boasts superior energy efficiency and capable of generating the lowest RPM for extraordinary results. The high-tech motor also features lower operating noise and vibration levels. You can express your own style by selecting three distinct strainers, which are fine, smoothie, ice cream, or sorbet. It also comes with an all-new safety-conscious dual hopper design.

Hurom HP series 150 watts Cold Press Slow Juicer Review

Hurom HP series Juicer

This product from Hurom is compact in size and full of power. It actually fits any kitchen though it is the smallest. This features a second generation of squeezing technology with a unique design and powerful 150 watts AC motor. It operates at 43 revolutions per minute to squeeze the best out of the fruits and the vegetables. This also comes with a capacity of 350 ml bowl that allows making enough mixed juices, shakes, or nut milk. It also takes advantage of a double-edged auger that extracts the maximum juice, minimum fuss out of fruits and vegetables. The fine and coarse strainer features a 0.3-millimeter mesh grid that effectively filters out all solid particles. It creates juices with a soft and extra velvety texture. And also, during juicing, the inner spinning brush rotates to clean the chamber and strainer simultaneously. It reduces clogging and increases the juicing efficiency. This is especially known for low noise and vibration levels.

Hurom 150 Watt Slow Juicer Review

Hurom 150 Watt Slow Juicer

This product from Hurom has a dual hopper that features two slots which helps for a more efficient juice extraction process. The smart hopper self feeds all the ingredients into the juicer. This is incredibly convenient as it eliminates the need for repeated manual insertion of ingredients. You can also insert a screw in any angel and press to finish the assembly with the bottom structure. The power jog dial is on the front for increased visibility and convenience of use. It features a vertical chamber that boasts a top-down internal structure from the original side vents. This enhances the pulp expulsion function and ease of cleaning. It is also now easier to excel pulp and clean the inside of the machine.

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Things to consider while buying a Juicer

Below are few factors to consider while buying a Juicer for your home.


This is one of the most important factors to consider while buying a Juicer. There are many higher-end models that provide greater juice yield to keep more nutrients intact. Juicing will also turn to be an expensive habit if you do it regularly. If you make juice multiple times a week, a more expensive juicer will help you better.


Different type of juicers produce different results to retain the nutrients of the juice. You can also mix greens and high nutrient vegetables for health benefits. So make sure to consider this important factor while buying a Juicer.


Make sure to look for a juicer that is easy to clean. If the Juicer comes with more pieces, then, of course, there would be more cleaning for you. Some higher-end models are still worse to clean. This is obviously another important factor to consider while buying a Juicer.


The cold press juicers and twin gear ones work at a slower speed than the centrifugal juicers. It also enables the extraction of juice from fruits and vegetables more effectively. So make sure to consider the different speed options before you buy a Juicer.

The above are the Hurom Juicer review and the best products to buy. Spend your money wisely and enjoy a tasty and healthy drink from the Hurom Juicer for many years. If you are a Hurom Juicer user, then post your comment in the below section.

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