You can make your summer ultra-cool with the air conditioners and can enjoy the climate. The air conditioners have now become a necessity in most houses than a luxury. Without these essential appliances, overcoming the summer is really a difficult task. Wherein there are so many best air conditioners from different brands. Among various products available in the market, LG is one of the best products. Read on this article to know the LG Air Conditioner review and the best products to buy.

LG Air conditioner review

Why should you buy LG?

LG Air conditioner helps to keep the temperature inside the room or home cool, soothing, and comfortable. These air conditioners come with a four-way swing which helps to improve airflow for uniform cooling. In addition, it has a special anti-virus coating that inactivates as well as destroys viruses and bacteria. These also detect low gas levels and displays for timely refilling and maintenance. Overall the air conditioners from LG are environment friendly that has low global warming potential.

LG Air Conditioner Review

Below are the three best Air conditioners from LG with unique features and excellent customer reviews. So you can choose the one that suits you and your room.

LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split Air Conditioner Review

LG Air Conditioner Review

This product from LG comes with a dual Inverter compressor which ensures the air conditioner will cool faster. It also lasts longer and runs quieter. This also uses an R32 refrigerant gas which is environmentally friendly. It also makes sure that it does not contribute to global warming while staying cool. You know what? It comes with ocean black fins that offer unbeatable protection against humidity, dust, sand, and smoke. This AC has a super compatible five-in-one cooling control which steps down the cooling capacity. It comes with an anti-virus protection layer with an HD filter. This filter with cationic silver ions deactivates more than 99% of virus and bacteria in contact.

LG 3 Star Inverter Split Air Conditioner Review

LG Air Conditioner Review

This product from LG comes with anti-corrosive ocean black protection, which provides exceptional durability. It also extends the life of the air conditioner. There is a CH 38, which displays for timely maintenance and refilling. It also has a highly efficient refrigerant with lower global warming potential. This also has a stabilizer-free plus operation that prevents voltage fluctuations without compromising on safety. The best part is that it is also easy to understand error notifications. And the remote diagnosis helps to correspond with the nearest center and solve the problem instantly. The hi groove copper serves dual benefits, which enable the oscillatory movement that agitates the refrigerant for better heat dissipation.

LG 4 star Inverter Split Air Conditioner Review

LG Air Conditioner Review

This product from LG comes with Antivirus protection which deactivates more than 99% of viruses and bacteria. The special ocean black protection applies to both indoor and outdoor units provides exceptional durability, especially in the regions affected by salt, sand, industrial smoke, and pollutants. You can also conveniently check and troubleshoot air conditioner problems from the smartphone. This also helps to attain the lifespan of the air conditioner. Furthermore, it ensures superior performance to conventional fins. This comes with a rotary motor with a wider rotational frequency which saves more energy with a higher speed cooling range.

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Things to consider while buying an Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are no more luxurious and have become an essential appliance for comfortable living. Below are some of the important points to consider while buying an Air Conditioner for your home.


Capacity is one important factor to consider while buying an Air conditioner. Kilowatts are used to rate the cooling and heating capacities. For example, bedrooms usually require a 2.5 kW system. So make sure to consider the size of the room and the type of the room.


This is another important factor while buying an air conditioner. You should keep in mind the capacity while buying. A 140 sq. ft to 180 sq. ft room will require a 1.5 ton Air conditioner.

Energy efficiency

If the BEE star rating is higher, the Air conditioner will be more efficient. It will also consume less electricity. Hence this is one important factor to consider while buying an Air conditioner.

Cooling speed

The air conditioners with an adjustable thermostat, two fans, and variable speed help get different settings at different times a day. It also means that it consumes less power. Therefore this is one of the most important factors to consider while buying an Air conditioner.

The above is the LG Air conditioner review and the best products to buy. You can make your investment worthwhile by buying this wonderful Air conditioner for your home.

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