Coffee is the preferred morning beverage for so many people. And many of us can’t get our day started without a cup of coffee. Having coffee at home with your Pajamas as soon as you wake up would be the best way to kickstart your day. As this is the first beverage you have, all of us want it to be perfect. When you brew your coffee on your own, you can brew it better. You can use exactly the beans you like, add flavorings, add the right amount of milk, cream, and sweeteners. Coffee machines come in a variety of configurations. Among those Nescafe coffee machines would serve you the best purpose. Read this article to know about the Nescafe Coffee Machine review.

Why should buy a Nescafe Coffee Machine?

Nescafe has a range of Coffee machines and beverage systems that offers quality beverages, variety, and ease of operations. Besides, the machines are specially designed up to the expectations. These machines are so cost-effective as well as convenient yet offer variety. Indeed the machine also comes with a sleek solution that gives perfect taste and consistency cup after cup. Thanks to Nescafe! Depending on what machine you need, whether it’s for home, office, or your Restaurant, you can choose the machine that meets your demands.

Nescafe Coffee Machine Review

Below are the two different Coffee Machines that will suit you the best:

  1. Amigo Nescafe Coffee machine
  2. Premio Coffee machine

Amigo Nescafe Coffee machine

Amigo Coffee machine - Nescafe Coffee Machine review
Nescafe Coffee Machine review

This type of Coffee machine provided by Nescafe offers a wide range of Cafe style beverages with the touch-free dispensation. So, Amigo will be the best and perfect fit for your workplace for coffee. This also offers a good refreshing experience from a classic Tapri Coffee to a strong Cappuccino. Additionally, it gives an amazing Masala Chai or a comforting hot chocolate feel. The IR enabled simple and quick 2 steps contactless interaction provides a safe and hygienic workplace. Isn’t that all we needed? Coming to the Coffee, the milk cooling unit with a controlled temperature below 8`C assures milk safety. The semi-auto cleaning, sterilization technology, auto-lock mechanism, an inbuilt digital cleaning logs ensures that each brew will be safe and hygienic.

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Premio Coffee machine

Premio Coffee machine - Nescafe Coffee Machine review
Nescafe Coffee Machine review

Premio Coffee machine comes with an advanced IoT enabled dispensation system. It enables you to brew like a barista and serve with over 80 customizable beverage options. With a beverage customization feature, Premio brings a selection of over 80 menu options to cater to varied taste and strength preferences. Importantly this provides a delightful new variant such as Galao and Chococcino. Furthermore, this comes with a web-based application, which makes for a splendid beverage affair each time. So you will fall for this splendid coffee every time you take a sip.

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Things to consider while buying a Coffee Machine

When buying a Coffee machine, you need to consider a few factors to ensure the machine caters to your needs. Following are the few things that you need to consider while buying a Coffee machine.

Type of machine

There are five kinds of machines which are Bean to cup, Manual Espresso, Capsules, Filter coffee, Coffee Vending machine. So choose the best machine that will serve your purpose before buying a Coffee machine.


If you are buying a Coffee machine for your Office then the machine is likely needed to be with a high capacity. Whereas if you are buying for your home, then you will have different expectations. The key factor for you should be the number of cups the coffee machine needs to brew.

User friendliness

Different machines have different functionalities. When the machine is very simple then it will be more user friendly. If you need a very easy to use the machine then a vending machine might be best for an office coffee machine or capsule machine for the home.


Speed is an important consideration. The different types of Coffee machines will brew at different speeds. A capsule or the Vending machines will be the fastest solution while a bean to cup or filter coffee machine will take a bit longer.


Maintenance is also an important factor to consider when deciding the machine to buy. you want to ensure whether you have time for daily cleaning, more comprehensive cleaning every month.

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A coffee maker is a necessity if you are a coffee lover. You can brew your own coffee with a Coffee Maker. Nescafe is one of the leading coffee producers and you can expect the best from them. If you are a Nescafe Coffee Machine user, then share your review in the below section.

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