Televisions have become a mandatory appliance for every home. Finding the best TV for your needs depends on how you’re going to use it and where you’re going to place it as well. Among many different brands, OnePlus is one of the best televisions on the market. Isn’t it amazing to know the specifications before purchasing a TV for your home? Here, we have listed out the specifications and features of the OnePlus TV. Read this article to know the review for the OnePlus TV.

Why should you buy OnePlus TV?

OnePlus TV is primarily known for providing high-quality content. The TV also looks sleek, built very nicely, and looks classy. This TV supports HDR, Dolby Vision, and has a QLED panel. The Tv is almost bezel-free from three sides. The screen to body ratio of this TV is too high, which will be highly appealing. It also maximizes the viewing area to enhance the overall viewing experience. The color reproduction will be incredibly unique. The wide color gamut in this TV means more accuracy in colors. When there are more colors, the formation of different shades relating to a particular color is more precise. Due to this, which gets you to see like real images. How amazing the features of the OnePlus TV are! Let us see more about the OnePlus TV best products and the review.

OnePlus TV Review

There are three different models of OnePlus TV available:

  1. QLED
  2. Y Series
  3. U Series

OnePlus TV 55 QLED 4K TV

One plus QLED 4K HD - OnePlus TV Review
OnePlus TV Review

This OnePlus TV 55 QLED features a display for your viewing pleasure. The aspect ratio of this screen meets the latest standards. This TV also comes with other features like Double USB sharing, MHL, Screen Casting, SmartView, Wi-Fi Direct, Android. The design is like superior craftsmanship combined with elegant design philosophy. This TV provides an immersive viewing experience no matter the background. The lightweight build of this TV doesn’t add clutter to your living space. This TV has a slim unified profile to fit into any aesthetic. QLED and Gamma Color Magic bring the most visually appealing TV experience. Dolby Vision HDR brings extraordinary color, contrast, and brightness to the screen transforming your viewing experience.

OnePlus TV Y series

One Plus Y series - OnePlus TV Review
OnePlus TV Review

Dynamic picture of this Y series TV revel in the finest picture quality with real-time optimization of your video content. You know what? The advanced Gamma engine produces unmatched visual quality to bring the experience alive. This TV also has rich, powerful, immersive audio. Importantly, the 20W box speakers and Dolby Audio enhancement OnePlus TV Y series deliver crystal clear sound quality that you will enjoy. Stop wondering about the design! The bezel-less design immerses you in a new experience. Besides the design, the captivating picture quality will make you feel like you are in every scene. This TV also comes with a simple tap of a button which helps to access Google Assistant effortlessly. With all the features packed up, the Y series is meant to be one of the best TVs from OnePlus.

OnePlus TV U series

One Plus TV U series - OnePlus TV Review
OnePlus TV Review

The OnePlus U series is so powerful and provides an immersive sound. It comes with 30 watts down-firing reflex speaker with Dolby Atmos. To review the OnePlus U series TV, it produces a rich, realistic and mesmerizing sound to enhance your viewing experience. The bezel-less design comes with up to 95% screen to body ratio which will give you added detail and realism. This TV is aesthetically designed yet structurally robust. The metal body gives a slim aesthetic and a sturdy and stylish finish. You can fit this TV anywhere as it is more than a just TV, it’s an art. The carbon fiber pattern is sculpted to give the viewers a simple, elegant, and artistic look. And an amazing feature of this is you can connect the TV and phone using the OnePlus Connect app. This OnePlus Connect app controls all the features in the app effortlessly. It also supports all casting protocols like Chromecast, Miracast, and DLNA with a single tap.

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Things to consider while buying Television

There are various types of Television available in the market. The world of TVs is upgrading every day. Following are few things that you need to consider while buying a TV.

Display type of the TV

The most important thing in any TV is the screen. Make sure that you decide prior to the screen technology that you choose. There are a various array of technologies such as Plasma even standard LCD, and new screen technologies like OLED and QLED.

Screen size

Whether you buy a basic or high-performance TV, the most important factor is to consider the screen size. Choose the screen size that fits your space as well as your budget.


When looking for the audio quality of the TV, the higher the wattage the louder the sound output. If you have a very spacious house, you should have a TV that produces enough sound to travel greater distances.

OnePlus is one of the best manufactures of smartphones and their TV also performs excellently. It has plenty of options and performs better than most Android TVs. You can sync your account OnePlus account and Google account to your TV and use your SmartPhone to control your TV.

If you are an OnePlus TV user, then comment your review in the below section.

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