Mixer Grinders are versatile devices that are used in every household. The appliance offers many dish preparation methods. Mixer grinders perform multiple tasks from pureeing, mixing, grinding to blending and give desired results. It also helps us in preparing tomato puree, gravies for different dishes, sauces, etc. Among various brands available in the market, Pigeon is one of the best brands. Read on this article to know the Pigeon Mixer grinder review and the best products to buy.

Pigeon Mixer Grinder review

Why should you buy Pigeon?

Pigeon mixer grinder is a solid, durable kitchen appliance for everyday kitchen use. The jars are made of high-grade stainless steel, which prevents rusting. It also allows versatile operations in the kitchen and is used for multiple purposes. The transparent grinder is built to take care of grinding and juicing. It also makes the task quick and easy. Overall this mixer grinder from Pigeon is ideal for your kitchen because of its high performance and availability.

Pigeon Mixer Grinder Review

Below are the three best products from Pigeon with excellent customer ratings and reviews:

Pigeon Feather Touch Juicer Mixer Grinder Review

Pigeon Feather Touch Mixer Grinder Review

This product from Pigeon is easy to use kitchen appliance. It helps for making juices and for also mixing and grinding the food ingredients. Its feature is user-friendly as it comes with an Intuitive touch operation. It allows the grinder to deliver an efficient performance with just a touch. This also features high-quality stainless steel blades, which let you grind food ingredients effortlessly. The durable 1000W copper motor delivers an energy-efficient and powerful performance. It also features the inbuilt jar lock, which ensures the appliance will not start accidentally unless the jar is mounted properly. The users have to twist clockwise to mount the jar properly. This also features an anti-shock and sturdy ABS body, ensuring that the appliance is protected from voltage fluctuations and overload. The ergonomic handles of the jar offer a comfortable and firm grip for the users to use.

Pigeon MX Mixer Grinder Review

Pigeon MX Mixer Grinder review

This mixer grinder will run on a powerful motor, but the drawback is that it will produce some noise. It has three jars that will let the users grate and grind three different items and use them in various recipes. The mixer grinder will also automatically shuts off when it is used for a longer time to prevent damage or any other inconvenience. It features a 750 W higher wattage, which will make the juicing and grinding job much easier. So it is much suitable for juicing, wet grinding, chutney grinding, and dry grinding.

Pigeon by Stovekraft Ruby Woo Mixer Grinder Review

Pigeon by Stovekraft Mixer grinder review

Ruby Mixer grinder will be your best companion. It comes with a long-lasting copper motor, military-grade. This mixer grinder comes with a juicer jar that has a stainless steel filter to keep you healthy. Additionally also ensures high-quality grinding. It features a beautiful in-built flow breaker design and food-grade transparent lids, which is perfect for grinding. This also has a pure 750W copper motor which gives more life to the motor and saves energy. The outer body of the grinder is made of ABS plastic which is anti-shock, and a robust body protects from voltage fluctuations and overload. Its jar lids are made of polycarbonate, which protects the lid from shattering. The handles ensure smooth grip with no sharp edges, which provide huge comfort while using.

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Things to consider while buying a Mixer Grinder

Following are the things to consider while buying a Mixer Grinder.


This is one of the best factors to consider while buying a Mixer Grinder for your home. You know what? The higher wattage will help to grind even tougher ingredients at a faster speed. So you can choose a grinder with 500W to 750 W, which will satisfy all your needs.


It is also another important factor to consider while buying a Mixer grinder. The RPM is something that tells how much fast the blade will rotate per minute. If you want to buy a domestic mixer grinder, the rpm between 180000 to 23000 will suit your needs. Wherein a juicer mixer grinder will require a very low to medium RPM to work efficiently. You can also look for one with the speed knobs that will allow changing the settings as per your wish.


Whenever you are buying a mixer grinder for your home, make sure to look for the blades. A grinder with more than 2 blades will definitely grind the ingredients in an effective way. Moreover, when you choose a grinder with a durable and break-resistant lid, it will certainly last for a longer time. Henceforth this is also one of the most important factors to consider while buying a Mixer grinder.


Price would be the preliminary factor to consider while buying a Mixer grinder. And importantly, the price will depend upon the features that are included in the grinder. The best features will offer you a good overall quality.


Make sure to consider this factor while buying a Mixer grinder for your home. Get a grinder that has stainless steel and preferably 304 grade. The grade of the steel will tell whether the steel is resistant to oxidation and corrosion. The high-quality blades will also retain sharpness for a longer period of time.

The above are the Pigeon Mixer Grinder review and the best products to buy. You can choose the one that suits you and your family. Pigeon is one of the best manufacturers of kitchen essentials. It is one of the trustworthy brands with plenty of the best products. If you are already a Pigeon Mixer Grinder user, then comment your review in the below section.

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