Wet grinders have become more effective for grinding as they can grind even many pulses or grains. These wet grinders are mostly used in the preparation of Indian cuisine. They run on electricity and prepare any batter with water. Though the batter is available instantly in the market, people love to make the fresh batter at home. This batter prepared at home will be delicious and also healthy. Among various products available in the market, Ponmani is one of the best products. Read on this article to know the Ponmani Wet Grinder review and the best products to buy.

Ponmani wet grinder

Why should you buy Ponmani?

Ponmani Industries is a pioneer manufacturer of wet grinders since 1985. They have 11 different models, which allow you to choose the grinder according to your choice. Ponmani also guarantees a faster grinder for grinding purposes. Its inception is just 15 to 20 minutes for grinding the rice. It also comes with an extra attachment of coconut scrapper and Atta kneader.

Ponmani Wet Grinder Review

Below are three different products from Ponmani and its review:

Ponmani Power Plus Tilting Wet Grinder Review

Ponmani Power plus wet grinder

It is a mini commercial grinder that will obviously suit an extended family and a medium business largely. This wet grinder has a tilting feature which is more convenient to use. It features a lockless tilting system that enriches effortless batter collection through smart and easy tiltability. The powerful technology motor helps you to grind for click ticking hours together. This gives a perfect batter that will touch your taste buds with crispy dosa. The motor is 225 watts and has a capacity of 3 liters. It has a drum material made of HD granite stone to ensure effective grinding.

Ponmani Prime Plus Wet Grinder Review

Ponmani Prime Wet Grinder

This product from Ponmani is known for its elegance as it has got an amazing style and innovative designs. It has a capacity of 2 liters and is made of HD Granite stone. This makes the grinding experience dream come true. It comes with its enhanced features, which do have user-friendly operations. This makes you cook your favorite delicious dosa, idly, and vada at your home. It also features the Robert Drive system with a framed structure, which will please you with noiseless grinding. Overall it is one of the best products because of its durability and elegance.

Ponmani Nano Tech Table Top Wet Grinder Review

Ponmani Nano Wet Grinder

These Wet grinders come with a 2-liter capacity. It is the best choice for your kitchen and family. This has enhanced features and user-friendly operations, which allows you to cook your favorite delicious dosa, idli, and vada at your home. You don’t have to worry about grinding and preparing the batter, as you can even soak 2 liters of rice and prepare batter all at once instantly. And this grinder allows you even grind from 250ml onwards.

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Things to consider while buying a Wet Grinder

Following are the things to consider while buying a Wet Grinder for your home.


The capacity of the grinder will be calculated in liters. Wet grinders are available in varied capacities. They are available, ranging from 2 liters to 15 liters. So you can choose a one which is suitable and depends on your requirements. Hence consider this important factor while buying a Wet grinder for your home.

Stones shape

There are two different shapes of stones available, which are cylindrical and conical shape. The conical shape grinders make batter better than the cylindrical stone. So make sure to consider this factor while buying a Wet Grinder.

Drum material

Another important factor to consider while buying a Wet grinder is the drum material. Drum material is nothing but the surface inside the grinder. The surface will be either steel or stone. So you can choose the one that will last for a longer period.

Overload protection

This is also one of the important factors to consider while buying a Wet grinder. The overload protection is a feature that indicates the load put on the wet grinder. The wet grinder will stop working if it is overloaded. With this wonderful feature, you can reduce the load to run on the grinder. This helps for long life.

The above are the Ponmani Wet Grinder review and the best products to buy. Ponmani is one of the most famous brands available in India. Most important feature of Ponmani is the durability. You can trust the brand without any second choice. If you are already a Ponmani Wet grinder user, then post your comment in the below section.

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