Gas stoves are the essential appliances in the kitchen. A smart kitchen means smart cooking. By buying these smart products for your kitchen, your kitchen will turn out to be smarter. These are something which we don’t purchase often, and it’s for a long-term purchase. Among various products available in the market, Prestige is one of the best products. Read on this article to know the Prestige Gas stove review and the best products to buy.

Prestige Gas Stove review

Why should you Prestige?

Prestige is one of India’s largest kitchen appliance brands. It is built on the pillars of safety, innovation, durability, and trust. Continuous market research and analysis are done to modify product offerings. It introduces brand extensions and innovates new models that dictate the need of evolving consumers. Prestige has developed the widest network of service centers. These gas stoves not only look more elegant than normal gas stoves but functionality-wise also is superior. It caters to the various needs of homemakers in the country. It has a varied product portfolio ranging from pressure cookers, gas stoves, induction cooktops, mixer grinders to various other electrical appliances and kitchen tools.

Prestige Gas Stove Review

Here are three best gas stoves from Prestige. These gas stoves are unique and looks stylish. You can go through the below review and choose the one that suits you.

Prestige IRIS LPG Gas Stove Review

Prestige IRIS LPG Gas stove

This product from Prestige comes with an ergonomic design which helps for easy handling and maintenance. The toughened black gas top resists scratches and withstands everyday wear and tear. It also comes with a spill-proof design for hassle-free cooking and a cleaner kitchen. The tri pin brass burners of different sizes for all cooking needs. Ergonomic knob design makes turning the knobs easy on fingers. The toughened black glass top resists scratches and withstands everyday wear and tear.

Prestige Marvel Glass Top Gas Stove Review

Prestige Marvel Gas stove

The Prestige Marvel glass stove is specially designed to consume less countertop space. These gas tables come with shatter-proof toughened glass top for longer life and convenient cleaning. It has highly efficient tri pin burners, which help to cook faster and more efficiently. These gas tables combine performance, efficiency and good looks, and great value for money. It is easy to clean and maintain and gives a complimenting look to the kitchen decor. The proficient Tri Pin burners are perfect for Indian vessels. It is being made of good grade brass to last long and also corrosion-resistant at the same time. Heat is evenly distributed around the vessel for faster and uniform cooking, irrespective of the size of the vessel.

Prestige Edge Gas Stove Review

Prestige Edge Gas Stove review

The Ultra-slim body gives your kitchen a clean and sleek look. This glossy glass top comes with a sturdy aluminum frame assuring quality performance for years to come. The Jumbo burner is suitable for faster cooking. The toughened glass top in the black shade is elegant and provides improved toughness and heat resistance. Robust pan support with flame protection guards prevents flames from turning off due to wind. The tri pin brass burners of different sizes for all cooking needs. This ultra-modern gas stove is made with a glossy glass top which is truly made for an ultra-modern kitchen.

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Things to consider while buying a Gas stove

Following are the things to consider while buying a gas stove.

Number of burners

It is one of the important factors to consider while buying a gas stove. There are four types of gas stoves available based on the number of burners. Two-burner gas stoves are the most popular, and three-burner gas stoves have become popular and suitable for 4-5 members.

Burner Distance

This is also another important factor to consider while buying a gas stove. The distance between two successive burners is the burner distance. Lack of adequate space between the burners won’t allow you to use different sized vessels for cooking.

Size of the Gas stove

You need to look at the gas stove size. Most of the stove models come in rectangular or square shapes. It is best to choose the size of the gas stove depending on the size of the kitchen counter and the range of the chimney hood.

Stylish and Ergonomic design

Another important factor to consider while buying a gas stove is the design. Earlier models come with a simple design structure to provide efficient heating. They look more attractive and stylish than ever before.

Therefore these are the Prestige gas stove review and the best products to buy.

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