Washing machines have become a more necessary and essential appliance as we don’t have enough time to do laundry. Due to this unavailability of time, all of us depend on washing machines that clean our clothes and make them sparkly in a jiffy. Among various brands available in the market, Samsung is one of the best Washing machines. Read this article to know the Samsung Washing machine review and the best products to use.

Samsung Washing machine review

Why should you buy Samsung?

Samsung Washing machines offers elegantly designed and aesthetically pleasing machines which add decor to your home. With various models that are available in Samsung, you can choose the one that meets your requirements. They especially focus on both washing and drying. And it also provides 50% faster cleaning of your dirty clothes, making your clothes look bright and soft. So you can relax, and the Washing machine will take care of all your washing needs. You shall keep your mind at ease, and no need to worry about wasting time on laundry.

Samsung Washing Machine Review

Samsung Washing Machine is one of best washing machines available in India. Among their washing machines, here are the top three products from Samsung:

Samsung 6.5 kg Full Automatic Top Load Washing Machine Review

Samsung Washing machine review

This machine from Samsung will protect your clothes from being damaged because it comes with the Diamonds drum, a unique soft curl design that washes clothes very effectively by treating them with care. It also features a magic filter that gathers the particles from the clothes and keeps your laundry stay cleaner. The eco tub clean course keeps the top load washer fresh without using harsh chemicals. This also comes with three wash modes which are Quick wash, Delicate wash, and Monsoon. The Quick wash program is the perfect solution for our busy life. Wherein Monsoon drying system allows air to be drawn through dual vents. The child lock button in these Washing machines allows locking the buttons, and it makes sure not to worry about children as your selected cycle won’t change.

Samsung 6 Kg Fully Automatic Front load Washing Machine Review

Samsung 6kg Washing machine review

This Washing machine from Samsung has small water exit holes so that the fabric is less likely to be trapped and damaged. It also has a powerful hygiene steam cycle which improves the cleaning quality of the wash. This has three modes which are Ceramic heater, delay end, and child lock. The Ceramic heater protects from building up of the water scale deposit. It is a fully automatic front load washing machine which is so energy efficient. This has an amazing streamlined, modern design. It comes with a brilliant ice blue LED display which actually adds an extra touch of style. This also provides crystal clear information about the selected programs which makes the machine much easier to control.

Samsung 7.2 Kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine Review

Samsung Semi Automatic Washing machine review

This Washing machine comes with convenient features, so you don’t have to spend much time on laundry and makes your job simpler and easier. It features twin tubs and a rust-proof plastic body that prevents corrosion and rust for better durability. As it has a capacity of 7.2 Kgs, it allows you to wash heavy loads of clothes. It also features an efficient dual jet system which creates vertical and horizontal water currents in the tub. This ensures deep cleaning of clothes without tangled and twisted. It also has an EZ Wash tray that will help you handle multiple laundry tasks like scrubbing and rinsing. This comes with a buzzer which will indicate once the washing program is completed. The air turbo drying system rotates the drum, which results in maximum extraction of water from clothes.

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Things to consider while buying a Washing machine

Following are the things to consider while buying a Washing machine.

Top vs Front Load

A top load washer is easy to use, operate, and more affordable as well. But the top load washer consumes more water. Wherein the front load washer is heavy to move but consumes less water. This is also one of the most important factors to consider while buying a Washing machine.

Size and Capacity

These are also another important factor to consider while buying a Washing machine. Depending on the usage frequency, you can look for the size and the capacity of your Washing machine. The high-capacity machines will allow you to wash less frequently only.

Drum size

This is one of the most important factors to consider while buying a Washing machine. The capacity of the water is indicated by the size of the interior drum. So make sure to get a larger drum if you live in a joint family.


It is obviously the most important factor to consider while buying a Washing machine. The price of the machine depends on the size, features, and capacity.

The above are the best products from Samsung and their review. Samsung is one of the best manufactures of electronics and their washing machines are the best with innovative technologies. If you are planning to buy a washing machine, then go ahead with the Samsung Washing Machine. If you are already a Samsung Washing Machine user, then post your comment in the below section.

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