Nowadays, with this COVID 19, most companies have extended work from home, and the internet requirement has become essential. So you need to upgrade your home with the best router to ensure smoother workflow. Wireless router delivers fast and reliable Wi-Fi to cover excellent coverage. Among various brands available in the market, TP-Link is one of the best brand Routers. Read on this article to know the TP-link router review and the best products to buy.

TP link Router review

Why should you buy TP Link?

TP-Link is the best seller router brand with many options to offer wireless connectivity over the Internet connection. These routers provide a high-speed internet connection to fully utilize your smart devices like smartphones, laptops, and TV. In addition, the TP-link router ensures a stable, safe, and private source of Internet connection. A wide range of routers from TP-link will deliver different kinds of Mbps speeds depending on the number of antennas.

TP Link Router Review

Below are the three best products from TP-Link. You can choose the one that suits your space.

TP Link Wireless Router Review

TP link router review

If you are looking for a Wi-Fi router to connect with a broadband connection, you should buy a TP-link Wireless router. It has a wide compatibility list of broadband connections to enjoy HD video streaming and play your favorite games as well. You will be able to get a decent speed of 300 Mbps, and two antennas ensure stable wireless connectivity and longer distance coverage. The router also has a Whitelist or blacklist function to allow or block certain devices from accessing the Internet.

TP Link Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router Review

TP link Dual band Router review

This Router delivers the fastest throughput speeds by offering numerous Settings. It is available at an affordable price and very easy to install. The management settings are plenty, but the web console is slow to respond. It lacks user-friendly icons to help you navigate the menu systems. The Guest network page allows you to create separate networks with limited access for guests. It also lets you set bandwidth control and access schedules for each network. There is also a separate Access Control option to create network-wide Internet access rules. You can change the time settings, run diagnostics, update the router’s firmware in the system tools.

TP Link Archer Tri band Gaming Router Review

TP link Gaming router review

This router from TP-link is one of the fastest routers loaded with features, including the gamer-centric user interface and anti-malware tools. It is very easy to install with a lot of gamer-friendly settings. This also lets you see real-time latency and resource utilization to keep the network running at top speed. Besides the excellent throughput, it also comes with strong parental controls and a game acceleration utility. It sports eight removable non-adjustable high-performance antennas and an LED indicator that glows solid. The web console offers more control than the mobile app and includes a Game center dashboard. It is also easy to install using the Tether mobile application or through the web interface.

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Things to consider while buying a router

Following are the various things to consider while buying a Router.

Dual Band

This is one of the important factors to consider while buying a Router. The dual-band router works on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. And it gives you a faster speed and seamless media transfers.

Router security

Make sure to have full control over the router, and it should have advanced firmware in it. This includes a firewall and additional security features like WPA encryption.


This is one of the most important factors to consider while buying a router. You should need a top-tier router with the best possible performance.


The positioning of your router is extremely important. Power line adapters use the existing electrical wiring in the walls to extend your network.

Therefore these are the TP-link router review and the best products to buy.

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