A Solar Geyser is the right one to unwind after a hectic schedule. There is nothing like a hot shower to make yourself feel refreshed. You can use the electrical mechanism and access hot water without waiting for the sun on cloudy days. There are different types of water heaters available in the market. Among various products available in the market, V Guard is one of the best products. Read on the article to know the V Guard Geyser heater review and the best products to buy.

V Guard Water heater review

Why should you buy V Guard?

The all-new V Guard heater makes a perfect addition to the bathroom. It also comes with a thick and high-density PUF insulation that helps in maximizing heat retention. This ensures that the inside water remains heated for a longer duration. Thereby it brings down energy consumption and reduces electricity bills. Hence, it boasts a five-star rating from BEE for its excellent energy efficiency. Also, its ability to withstand water pressure up to 8 bar makes it an ideal choice for people residing in high-rise buildings. Furthermore, it is built with state-of-the-art features such as anti-corrosive long-lasting vitreous enamel tank coating, thick magnesium sacrificial anode for added protection.

V Guard Geyser Review

Below are the three best geysers from V Guard. You can choose the product that suits you.

V Guard Immersion Geyser Review

V Guard Immersion Geyser review

This product from V Guard comes with a power rating of 1000 W. An attractive feature of this Immersion rod is that the heating element is a non-corrosive copper element. It also has a long life and is tubular. The handle of the rod is made of bakelite, and it is easy to use. There are some important instructions that the bucket should be more than 300mm deep. It should also be possible to hang the immersion heater with the help of the hook. You should have to dip the heater in water before switching it on. And you also have to make sure to take out the heater from water only after it is switched off. You also should not remove the immersion heater immediately after switching it off.

V Guard 6 Litre Geyser Review

V Guard Geyser

This product from V Guard is extremely energy efficient with extra thick and high density. It also has maximum heat retention that withstands up to 8 bar pressure. This is suitable for high-rise buildings and pressure pump applications. The advanced vitreous enamel coating protects the inner tank, and the superior 800 heating element ensures sustained performance. And the extra-thick magnesium anode provides added protection. This five-in multifunction safety valve prevents excessive pressure build-up. The advanced thermostat and thermal cut-out mechanism for overheat protection. And the temperature control knobs for adjusting the temperature from 25- 75` C. The stylish twin neon display indicators for power green and heating red status.

V Guard 3 Litre Geyser Review

V Guard 3 Litre Geyser review

You can bring your home comfort with a V Guard 3 Litre instant water heater. It comes with a long-life heating element that delivers superior performance and extended durability. This V Guard 1 liter instant water heater keeps the power bill and heating status optimized. Its sleek aesthetic looks will add to the kitchen and bathroom decor. This water heater is perfect for providing hot water any time of the day. The multiple safety systems of the water heater ensure a safe operation. This water heater comes with an outer cover made of rust-proof ABS material. It ensures that the water heater will last longer and look new for a long period of time.

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Things to consider while buying Geyser

Below are the important things to consider while buying Geyser for your home.

Energy consumption

This is one of the important factors to consider while buying a geyser for your home. A five-star geyser consumes less electricity for heating water. As a result, you can install an energy-efficient geyser and reduce monthly bills. The higher star rating geyser is a little expensive to buy but saves a lot of money over a long period of time.


Warranties are very important to look for before buying a geyser. So make sure to check the warranty on the heating element and tank while purchasing a Geyser.


Make sure to buy a Geyser that has a longer life and which has easily available replaceable parts. This is also another important factor to consider while buying a geyser.


It is also another important factor to consider while buying a Geyser. So buy the right size geyser as per your requirement. If the geyser is oversized, then heating extra water is not mandatory. You can choose the size of the geyser as per the size of family and consumption habits.

The above are the V Guard Geyser review and the best products to buy. Geysers or Water heaters are the equipment that warms up the water and helps to keep you feel refreshed throughout. Choose the model that suits you and your family. If you are a V Guard Geyser user, then post your review in the below section.

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