Mixer Grinder is one important kitchen appliance without which the cooking won’t be completed. These appliances have become a part of our daily life which makes life more convenient and easy. So try to choose a Mixer Grinder which is suitable for all kitchen needs. Among various brands available in the market, V guard is one of the best Mixer Grinders. Read on this article to know the V Guard Mixer Grinder review and the best products to buy.

V Guard Mixer Grinder review

Why should you buy V Guard?

V Guard Mixer Grinder helps you to make scrumptious meals which is no longer a tedious process. The 100% copper motor lets to grind and blend different ingredients effortlessly. Additionally, jars are of stainless steel and rust-proof. It is unbreakable and transparent polycarbonate lids. This helps in effectively grinding and mixing the ingredients.

V Guard Mixer Grinder Review

Below are three best products from V Guard. You can choose the one from these or the other V Guard products that might suit you.

V Guard 750 W Mixer Grinder Review

V Guard 750 W Mixer Grinder review

This product from V Guard features an overload protector for the safety of the motor. The low resistance and the superior connectivity of the motor ensure the motor stays cool even when the appliance runs for a longer time. So it ensures the effective utilization of electricity. It also features a powerful torque that grinds the ingredients easily and quickly. You know what? The front LED indicator lets you check the power supply. This appliance delivers a great performance during low voltage conditions too. You can choose how you wish to grind and blend the ingredients using the three-speed options. The lids offer great strength and lets to peek into the jars.

V Guard Envy with Copper Winding Motor 600 W Mixer Grinder Review

This product from V Guard has low resistance and improved conductivity which ensures the motor is cool. The motor has a powerful torque and ensures easy and fast grinding. It also features a high-quality class F insulation which helps to withstand high temperatures up to 1500 degrees celsius. A decarbonize lamination is present on the stamping, which removes carbon content. This minimizes the electrical losses too. The jars are of high-grade stainless steel, which lasts for a long time. These jars are even easy to clean and maintain. The lids are transparent, which helps to see the condition of the food item inside the jars. Overall it is an inverter compatible kitchen appliance that offers impressive performance during low voltage conditions.

V Guard Invidia Pro 750 W Mixer Grinder Review

V Guard Invidia Mixer Grinder

This product from V Guard offers operation without interruption as it effectively functions even during sudden power failures and low voltage conditions. This features stainless steel and rust-proof jars, which enable smooth mixing and grinding of ingredients. It makes use of the Vortex Flow technology for effective grinding of the ingredients. If the supply is ON, the LED light will turn green and turn red if there is any overloading. You know what, it also provides a whip option with the three-speed options. An overload protector is incorporated into the main unit of the appliance, which protects the electric motor from overloading. The jars come with handles that provide a strong grip.

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Things to consider while buying a Mixer Grinder

Following are the things to consider while buying a Mixer Grinder for your home.


This is one important factor to consider while buying a Mixer grinder for your home. The Mixer Grinder comes with jars of various sizes and shapes. So we have to choose a Mixer grinder depending on the space in the kitchen.


You also have to consider the operation speed before buying a Mixer grinder for your home. The Mixer grinder will perform various functions at high speed. Wherein the conventional blenders are unable to perform.

Quality and Brand

A good quality Mixer grinder will assure that there is no necessity to change frequently. So make sure to buy a grinder with sharp blades and good handy jars. Hence this is most important to consider this feature before buying a Mixer grinder for your home.

Service availability

Always make sure the Mixer grinder that you buy has many service centers locally. Many brands will let you down in terms of service. So consider this factor before buying a Mixer grinder for your home.

The above are the V Guard Mixer Grinder review and the best products to buy. Mixer grinders have made our life easy and convenient by becoming the essential appliances in our home. With V Guard, you don’t have to worry about the fluctuating power supply as they are best in manufacturing stabilizers. If you are a V Guard Mixer grinder user, then post your comment in the below section.

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